Frankie Sharp's stretch limo is a white 1990 Lincoln Town Car Limousine, fitted with (among other things) a gold front grille, a television set and a custom license plate that reads "MR BIGGG".

The limo at speed on the highway.

Mr. Sharp travels everywhere in the limo because he hates flying. Wayne and Garth use this to their advantage by broadcasting Crucial Taunt's performance of "Ballroom Blitz" to the TV in the limo in the hope of getting Mr. Sharp to sign the band for Sharp Records. Mr. Sharp's driver pulls a handbrake turn in the middle of the highway to quickly turn the limo around and drive back towards Wayne's house.

The limousine is so large and imposing that, upon first seeing it, Wayne mistook it for Alice Cooper's limousine. The vehicle was vividly described by Garth Algar as "like, way bigger than a normal size car!"